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About Investopede Corporation

Investopede Corporation is a multi-dimensional enterprise in Sri Lanka, which focuses on Agricultural Solutions & Investments, Corporate Consultancy Services and Trading International Business. We aim to inspire the future generations of Sri Lanka by providing each of them an equal opportunity in experiencing global working culture while preserving our core values as an organization.


“To build a Sri Lankan conglomerate with a global presence fostering sustainability. ”


“To be the driving force behind the holistic value of Sri Lanka's generations and her international partners.”

Our Business

Led by our slogan to ‘empower the next generation’ collaboration, investment & development Investopede Corporation offers a diverse range of opportunities within its focus verticals that encompasses every stage in a reformed economic environment.

Corporate Consultancy Services

Agricultural Solutions & Investments

Trading International Business

Investopede Corporation is driven by the new economic reforms. Our vision is to develop sustainable business opportunities in partnership with our local and foreign allies. As part of this constant search, we plan to leverage our scale by wide contributions, competencies, and recourses to provide the best long-term sustainable growth in business, economy and environment. We are committed to the growth of our employees, customers, investors, and the communities that are around us.

Our Purpose


Our strategically located representatives support our customers and partner businesses as they navigate the prospects and challenges of the economy, with an unapparelled formulation of strategic vision, industry insights and customer centric approach. We continue to carry the best in-class platforms for partners and provide solutions which constantly set new heights in running
sustainable businesses.


Our slogan is ‘empower the next generation’. We strongly believe in diversity and having a broad culture to attract a diverse pool of talent that supports building a world class team to achieve our goals. We encourage our employees to learn and grow both personally and professionally.


Our strong platform provides investors an ecosystem which offers a comprehensive approach that enables them to achieve their investment purposes. We offer sustainable solutions and visibility to their capital investments.


Investopede Corporation and sustainability are at the very heart of our business. In each of our business sectors, our aim is to generate a reflective and positive impact towards the industries we operate in, the well-being of people and the wider community of our nation’s future generation.

Our Values

Our aspirations as a company go beyond financial success. Our aim is to provide advanced and sustainable investment solutions that benefit the people and communities around us. We pursue to achieve sustainable growth through strong personal, professional, and social values – The trifactors that characterize and set us apart as a great organization.

We aim to:

Investor Relations

Creating lengthy and sustainable value for all our stakeholders is one of our primary objectives. At Investopede Corporation, we set great emphasis on fostering powerful associations with our stakeholders. We prefer to maintain absolute transparency with our partners, stakeholders, investors and the public, providing regular development and progress of our company.

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